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Able Planet  
LoSt-CaUzE Gaming Headphones
Type: Game Enhancer, Gear, PersonalTech
From: Able Planet
Usage: Audio, General Use
LoSt-CaUzE Gaming Headphones
This is what happens when smart people realize that the videogame industry is now the largest entertainment sector: They hop on board the gravy train. Nice when they bring something useful to the party, like these here Able Planet headphones.
Posted May 26, 2008
Formerly the stuff of affluent audiophiles only, Able Planet has rebranded their preeminent Clear Harmony Headphones, once tagged at some $300, and essentially reinvented as "gaming headphones," complete with a believable endorsement from reigning Quake 4 champion Rafik "LoSt CaUzE" Bryant, who's also the "cover athlete" on the packaging.

The good news is they're still all that, a simply luxurious, extravagantly comfortable pair of active noise cancellation (ANC), cushioned-cup 'phones boasting gorgeous clarity, rich, full spectrum sound -- including a deep and delicious thrum at the bottom end -- and the bonus of award-winning and patented Linx Audio technology (originally designed for crystal clear hearing-aids) powered by a pair of AAA batteries (they work as a normal pair of headphones when turned off or if the batteries die), making them aurally exceptional at low or reasonable volumes and amazingly distortion-free when cranked too loud.

The better news is that, gaming application aside, the LoSt-CaUzE Gaming Headphones are raring to go, anywhere, thanks to a svelte, hard-shell carrying case that includes a wee zippered pouch with gold-plated adapters inside to accommodate most any audio source -- including those goofy two-pronged jobbies found on airplanes -- as well as a firm pocket inset for your iPod or Zune or what-have-you.

The bad news, if you can call it bad news, is that the game-branded price of nearly $200 (some dealers may sell for less) may still be out of reach for many. But you certainly get what you pay for... actually, quite a bit more in this case.
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