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Type: Educational, GameTech, Gear
From: LeapFrog
Usage: Videogame
Running under the assumption that Leapster players, i.e, 6-year-olds, will someday age and sadly shuck the whole childlike-wonder thing, LeapFrog has a new 'edutainment' device on the market: Didj.
Posted January 15, 2009
The new Didj looks the part of a maturing kid's game system in that it bears a resemblance to the PlayStation Portable (PSP), all widescreen-ish and svelte (but low-rez and wimpier). But coming from LeapFrog, the premier purveyor of age-appropriate learning devices and games, Didj is solidly focused on teaching through gaming, with cartridge based games featuring the likes of Indiana Jones, Hanna Montana, SpongeBob, etc. (sold separately for $30 a pop) in which cognitive skills drills are integrated or interspersed (pop-quiz interludes and such).

More importantly, Digj can be custom programmed to reflect school-related lessons of the day/week/month/semester -- spelling words to be learned, multiplication to be figured and so on -- by jacking it into the web-based LeapFrog Learning Path (via PC and a USB cable), an online hub where parents and kids can personalize their Didj content as well as create lessons and pursuits, track progress and stats, and then syncing the lot of it with Digj (which is otherwise an offline device).

Dubbed "The Learning Path," the connect/sync process can be flakey, especially if you have more than one connectible LeapFrog system in the house, but a bit of patience and it's all good.

While the Digj doesn't have quite the same cachet of an actual PSP (nor the price tag, mind you), its certainly got its own brand of cool.

Plus, Didj accommodates multiple kids by giving each their own internal and online portfolio, so it's not only age appropriate for a kid aged 6 - 10 years-old, but all kids in the house aged 6 - 10 (if you happen to have more than one) that might have to endure a lesson in "sharing."
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