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Leapster2 Learning System
Type: Educational, GameTech, Gear
From: LeapFrog
Usage: Videogame
Leapster2 Learning System
Fact is, kids like to have their brains stimulated as much as their adrenal glands -- or they should if they know what's good for them, which they don't, so it's up to parents to find something both age appropriate as well as cognitively stimulating; educational and entertaining at the same time. Hint: Leapster 2 Learning System.
Posted January 15, 2009
As LeapFrog's second generation, educational game system for kids aged 4 - 8, Leapster2 does not represent a huge step up from the original Leapster, but it does offer an improved form factor (it's a tad smaller and more curvaceous) plus a new set of cool features and functions.

As before, Leapster2 coughs up cartridge-based learning activities in the guise of low-rez, low-pressure button and touch-screen gaming with familiar tyke favorites like Dora the Explorer and SpongeBob. In fact, it's backward compatible with the 30-odd games for the original Leapster as well as the latest happy meal icons like Wall-E and Clone Wars Jedi Math (may the plus-sign be with you).

Best of all, Leapster2 features "The Learning Path" that connects the device to an online hub (through your PC via USB cable) and syncs the system with online inter-activities, artistic creations, stats, custom content, etc.

Slacker parents take note: Leapster2 requires quite a bit of parental participation, which is actually fun and exciting in the child-like wide-eyed wonder by proxy way of things, but it's best not to think of Leapster2 as a portable, set-it-and-forget-it handheld babysitter.

Note as well that Leapsters don't seem to hold kids' interest for more than a year... a couple of years at most. They will pine for a PlayStation Portable or Nintendo DS someday, at which point you should get them into Hockey Camp or Highland Dance lessons or something equally productive/stimulating.
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