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X-Mini Max Capsule Speakers
Type: Gear
From: XM-I
Usage: Audio, iPhone, Mobility, Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable
X-Mini Max Capsule Speakers
There's no way such big sound should come from such a small package. But there it is. Not ear-splittingly huge, not miraculous or anything, but you'd be hard pressed to match the stature with the sound of X-Mini Max Capsule Speakers.
Posted July 10, 2009
Making personal audio a public affair, X-Mini Max Capsule Speakers are a pair of portable, external speakers suited to any portable audio source - or fixed audio source, for that matter.

Small but surprisingly hefty devices, X-Mini Max Capsule Speakers, bundled as a pair, each contains its own USB-rechargeable Lithium power source, good for 10 solid hours of anywhere playtime. They're designed to accordion out for fleshed out fidelity and squish down again for packing away. Conveniently, they magnetically snap together like a palm-sized gel cap vitamin when storing or toting - or for single pill playing, though they're most effective when detached and stretched 3 feet apart with the included Y-split cord.

Though there are innumerable portable speakers solutions on the market, the X-Mini Max blows the competition away with the quality and clarity of sound the pair pumps outl; loud, proud, and curiously clear - crystal-clear at near 90db even. It's almost unbelievable how many decibels can spew forth from such a diminutive package.

That said, you can't drive a house party with them and you can push the X-Mini Max to distort if you crank the tunes too high. And though XM-I's patented Bass Xpansion System (BXS) mimics the resonance of a sub woofer fairly effectively, they're nonetheless shy on bottom end.

Still, X-Mini Max certainly delivers generally awesome audio at listening volumes - i.e. volumes that make people raise their voice to be heard saying "where's that sound coming from?!

Ideal for sharing the music playback of your MP3, obviously, and also a great way to flesh out the tinny audio on your PlayStation Portable or Nintendo DS, which is otherwise handled by lousy in-built speakers.
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