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IDR350m Earphones with tapLINE control
Type: Gear
From: Scosche
Usage: Audio, iPhone
IDR350m Earphones with tapLINE control
It's always pleasant to find a product that performs better than similar products that cost twice as much. Scosche's IDR350m earphones are such a product.
Posted January 11, 2010
Offering great overall sound and dynamic range as well as a microphone and the ability to control all recent iPhones and iPods using the tapLINE system, Scosche's IDR350m sound better and are more comfortable to use than headphones costing double its US$55.00 price tag.

There are two hurdles that face consumers when it comes to headphones: the first is the fit and the second is the sound quality. Scosche has addressed the first issue by offering S/M/L single and dual flanged silicone inserts. These prrovide unparalleled noise isolation with comfortable sizing ready for just about any type of ear.

Style conscious users will get a kick out of the six sets of interchangeable color caps, including chrome, clear, red, pink, green and blue, that allow you to customize the appearance of the earphones.

As for the sound quality, IDR350m audio is consistently crisp and full without being too heavy on the bass. The difference between the IDR350m and stock iPhone headphones is like night and day - especially evident when listening to classical or jazz music's wide spectrum of instrumental frequencies. Stock iPod earbuds, by comparison, can make such music sound muddy and lifeless, whereas the IDR350m manage to separate the myriad of instruments high and low to the point that it feels like you're listening to the songs for the first time.

The 52 inch length of the IDR350m's cable is also longer than standard; nice for winding through layers of winter clothes.

The tapLINE control, which offers a microphone and integrated, single, double or triple click play/pause/next/previous track as well as volume controls is what sets these headphones apart from the rest. For twice the money, you may get similar sound quality and maybe a microphone, but it's unlikely you will find all these control functions working so seamlessly with your iDevice of choice.

The IDR350m even works with the iPod Shuffle (Gen3) and its VoiceOver feature that "reads" you the name of the songs and playlists over the headphones.

The microphone's voice capture capacity is clear and credible, making it ideal for Skype conversions and other voice over Internet applications.

All told, Scosche's IDR350m are the consummate earphones for iPhone/iPod users who want to get the most out of their audio devices' multi-functionality, not the least of which might be consistently great sound quality.
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