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Earpollution CS40's Headphones
Type: Hardware
From: iFrogz
Usage: Audio
Earpollution CS40's Headphones
Headphones are becoming increasingly popular accessories for on the move audiophiles wanting bigger, fuller sound from their media players without the discomfort associated with earbuds, especially during prolonged use.
Posted March 22, 2010
A contender for replacing the stock ram-in-your-ear buds typically packaged with most media players, the iFrogz Earpollution CS40's Comfort Series headphones are lightweight yet surprisingly sturdy. The headphone cord is beefcake thick while its retracting and swiveling parts don't come off as flimsy in the least. It's a testament to plastic and aluminum engineering done right.

The headphones have marshmallow-soft earpads that fit well and remain comfortable even after prolonged use. They also do a reasonable job of blocking out ambient noise.

Boasting deep yet well-defined audio quality, the Earpollution CS40's headphones were tested with Steely Dan's Aja album, known for its intricate layers of voice and instrumentation that are easy to lose without a seriously-fidelity sound system. Yet with the Earpollution CS40's, there's great separation and it's easy to pick up on the subtleties between different instruments and vocal tracks - everything is very clear.

Moreover, where typical headphones often require source volume to be fairly cranked if not maxed out before the audio will stand out, the Earpollution CS40's offer terrific clarity even at conversational levels.

It's a bit disappointing that there isn't a soft carry case included - a standard accessory for most headphones at this price point - because you will want to carry these things around, if not on your head then nearby, in waiting. Oh well, jammed in the backpack it is.

Still, at just $40, the iFrogz Earpollution CS40's Comfort Series headphones can easily compete in terms of durability and audio quality, even against similar products costing twice as much.
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