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Harman Audio  
AKG K326 High Performance Sports Headset
Type: Digital Audio, Mobile
From: Harman Audio
Usage: Audio, iPad, iPhone
AKG K326 High Performance Sports Headset
Athleticism and music listening are invariably intertwined, but finding a great headset that can go anywhere and stay in place is often a challenge. Fortunately, AKG's K326 High Performance Sports Headset offers a solution.
Posted September 26, 2011
AKG's latest innovation - the AKG K326 High Performance Sports Headset - has two defining features: adjustable ear hooks and an in-line microphone and volume control.

Made for the iPod, iPhone, and iPad, the K326 is designed for the athletically inclined searching for both sound quality and a headset that won't budge.

The crowning feature of the K236 are the adjustable ear hooks, which are extremely moldable and flexible. Even after pulling and prodding it like silly putty for a good while, they completely retained their pliability. Time will tell if repeated adjusting breaks down their malleable nature, but after initial testing, they really do provide a uniquely customized fit for any size or shaped ear. Rest assured, if your high impact workout requires you to constantly stick your conventional earbuds back in place, you'll find no such issue with the K326. The pair provides for a tight, steady fit that refuses to budge.

The inline controller, meanwhile, is an effective convenience; volume up and down, plus pause your music at a whim by simply touching a button that falls about mid-level beside your neck. It's particularly great for balance-challenged people who might otherwise tumble off their elliptical machines searching for the volume control on their iPod. Another benefit: When your workout buddy engages in a long, boring, one-sided conversation, you can inconspicuously turn up the volume of your favorite song. Smile and nod. Carry on.

Also inline is a microphone that makes the K326 a headset as well a great set of earbuds, decreasing the chance accidentally flinging your iPhone and hitting unsuspecting pedestrians while trying to sprint and hold the thing to your ear at the same time. The quality of the mic leaves a little to be desired, but it does the job.

But in the not-talking department, sound quality in the K326 is a ton better than your typical $20 earbuds, well in tune with the sixty bucks you'll pay for them. In geek speak, the AKG K326 offers a dynamic sound system with a frequency range of 17Hz to 23kHz. In normal-speak, that means you'll finally hear the bass you didn't realize you'd been missing so much.

The set comes with ne set of eap pads and a case that is just large enough to fit both the headset and, in this case, my 6th generation iPod Nano.

On top of providing full, balanced sound, the K236 greatly minimizes ambient noise. But they would probably do an even better job if the in-ear end of them were small enough to provide this particular reviewer with a secure fit.

On that note, while I am confident the headset won't go anywhere during a long hike, like any one-size-fits-all apparel or paraphernalia, the buds don't really fit "all" after all - or not well inside my ears, anyway, and unfortunately that led to discomfort after a while.

Still, if you're looking for a headset that is lightweight, versatile, and stays in place no matter what, the AKG K326 is an excellent choice and worth the extra money. If you're endowed with "all" ears, all the better.
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