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PS Vita
Type: Hardware
From: Sony
Usage: Handheld, PS Vita
PS Vita
Sony continues to miss the mark with yet another ambitiously conceived, poorly implemented, over-engineered and under realized electronic paperweight, the PlayStation Vita, the consummate 'trophy device.'
Posted March 25, 2012
In what was shaping up to be the ultimate handheld game system to usurp Nintendo's dominating DS line - and to make Apple and Android devices seem like the afterthought games systems they are not - the PS Vita categorically fails to deliver on all fronts that matter.

Yes, Vita is the most powerful handheld system on the market. Yes, it has a remarkably vivid, touch-sensitive OLED display screen, two thumbsticks that finally allow for a conventional game control scheme, motion-sensing accelerometers and gyroscope, and a unique touch-sensitive backside that should have given game players a wealth of additional control options for their otherwise-idle fingers holding the thing firm. Unfortunately, that feature comes off as a nice proof-of-concept at best; the Vita features no games that actually utilize the backside input any better than conventional control schemes. If anything, they're worse.

And while there are a handful of remarkable games for Vita of the "as good as a console" variety, most in the development community aren't on board, as if the game makers- and app developers-that-be have had enough of Sony's notoriously tetchy development requirements that never net profits on par with the swipe-and-whiff nonsense you'll find on iPad and whatnot.

Too, Vita lacks internal storage and expects consumer to buy proprietary Memory Sticks if they want to use the Vita as the music or movie player it's so readily capable of being. On that note, everything that's good about the Vita costs a lot of money, including the overwrought "trophy device" itself.

So while the PS Vita is rather cutting-edge and will therefore appeal to many a nerd with disposable income because they'll never get a date to actually spend their money on, it's not something normal people should buy, even if they can afford it. It's another Betamax; technically better but practically ridiculous.
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