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2142 Battlefield
From: EA
For: Windows PC
Genre: First-Person, Online, Sci-fi, Shooter
ESRB Rating: Teen (13+)
2142 Battlefield
It's bigger. It's badder. It's too much for you, n00b. EA's latest in the Battlefield franchise goes tech-sexy in a glorious, 22nd Century rendition of throwing stones at the neighboring tribe and capturing their campfire. Like "Extreme Makeover: Warfare Edition."
Posted January 24, 2007
Like all the previous Battlefield games in EA's lauded shooter franchise, 2142 Battlefield is all about large scale multiplayer warfare, where (up to) a couple dozen combatants team up against opposing dozens in various mother-of-all-turf war scenarios, capturing, over-running and otherwise holding select waypoints set on small, medium or huge maps.

As always, there's a wealth of things to do --, take out their radar or repair you own, cover the guy doing it, or hunt the guy covering the guy, that sort of thing --, not to mention a variety special-skills soldiers to be (engineer, medic, recon, assault grunt) and equipment to lug around until your back aches. Plus, there's gear you'll happen across to aid you in your tribulations. Basically, if it fires, you can shoot it; if it's mounted, you can man it; if it flies, you can pilot it, if it rolls, stomps or hovers, you can drive it.

New for 2142, as you might surmise from the title, is its futuristic vision of said same warfare, where weapons carry a much bigger wallop while body- and vehicle armor are much more resistant to walloping... which makes it all as balanced as stones and leather, so ultimately, it's the same sort of scamper, flank, pin, assault and counter assault wargames game you've come to know and love in the BF series, except now with force field shield and electromagnetic pulses (EMPs), hover tanks and giant walking ones (and all those cool sci-fi sound effects along with it). So, like "Extreme Makeover: Warfare Edition" except the makeover isn't particularly extreme, just thorough and very pretty.

Be warned: if you're new to the EA's Battlefield experience, you'll have your n00b butt handed you persistently and consistently until you get a handle on the wealth of keys and commands and the various selectable soldiers' selectable specialties and intricacies. Run and gun or spray & pray shooting this is not. You'll also likely be overwhelmed by the fact that many enemies will be armed with sophisticated weaponry that you yourself simply don't have, because you haven't earned the cool upgrades (called "unlocks") nor the rank that qualifies you as proficient enough to carry them. Yet. Make due (and succeed) with what you have and there'll be a promotion and a new toy coming your way.

Fortunately, you can play the game offline as a single-player game, where the computer controls all your comrades and the enemies in a fairly intelligent and realistic fashion; ample of opportunity to hone your skills there, but 2142 is really at its best online with dozens of likeminded warmongers, playing the same old BF in brand new, next-century makeup.

  • TIP: To skip the opening movie sequence of 2142 Battlefield (which will play each time you start the game, which is cool twice, annoying every time thereafter), delete (or move) all the files in the Program Files\Electronic Arts\Battlefield 2142\mods\bf2142\Movies folder.

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