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Mario Super Sluggers
From: Nintendo
For: Wii
Genre: Action, Fantasy, Sports
ESRB Rating: Everyone (6+)
Mario Super Sluggers
Typical of Nintendo, Mario and Co. have gathered yet again to play in some real-world sport but brought their magical mushroom trappings, fantastical power-up razzle-dazzle, and hallucinogenic sense of decor along with them.
Posted September 01, 2008
As you might surmise, Mario Super Sluggers is a baseball caricature that smashes the confines of sports simulations and goes instead for something more like goofball rather than baseball. Of course, you'd expect nothing less; you'd expect minigames and challenges and even little role-playing adventure modes and unlockables, what with all that trademark chortling and copyright woohooing of perpetually cheery (some ceaselessly cranky) players with excessively over-sized noggins in the game like only Nintendo can properly manage.

That's all fine and good -- typically exceptional by loyalists' standards -- but to play it, Mario Super Sluggers is so dependant on the motion-sensitive sensibilities of the Wii Remote (Wii-mote) that anyone looking for an actual baseball game will be at a loss.

Instead, it's all wank-to-throw, wrench-to-hit, waggle-to-run, mind the Magikoopas. If you want to control the actual guys on base, you attach the Wii-mote's Nunchuck and use the analog thumbstick, which, because it's tethered, seriously hinders the aforementioned wank, wrench and waggle mechanic. Oh well.

Typical of Nintendo, Mario Super Sluggers is another game designed for kids and their (reluctant) grandparents -- or for anyone who puts a chortling woohoo above peanuts and crackerjacks -- that just happens to resemble baseball.

Not to say it isn't very good at what it does -- it's great fun in its own, patented way. Just bear in mind that, aside from uninspired, under-attended, afterthought visuals (Mario baseball on GameCube looked better), Mario Super Sluggers is stuck with the lackluster, waggle-happy motion controls of the current Wii-mote. So, knowing a Wii-mote enhancing WiiMotionPlus upgrade enabling better accuracy and, apparently, 1:1 motion sensing capabilities is due out early next year, you might want to wait for the next new Mario Super Sluggering Smashers (or whatever they decide to call it) before you commit to a purchase of this version.
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