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From: Sony
For: PlayStation 3
Genre: Action, Adventure
ESRB Rating: Teen (13+)
Crafty, clever, huge, gorgeous, original but not unfamiliar... not much more you could ask for in a videogame. And if you did, you'd be greedy and ungrateful; inFamous is fantastic enough.
Posted May 27, 2009
A bang-on action/adventure with morality play undertones, inFamous has you playing as a formally normal guy suddenly imbued with electric superpowers after his city explodes (hate it when that happens).

Garish plot contrivance aside, inFamous is entirely exhilarating throughout as it blends established game conventions with the original skill set of human voltage regular. That is, instead of swords or guns, your main weapon is electricity, and rather than shooting or slashing, you're tossing, spewing or throwing down bolts, beams and bombs of electricity; even your most mundane move a flashy spectacle.

What's more, this power also allows for a semblance of flight, or superhuman leaps, controlled hovering and guided landings, at least. You scale walls, grind powerlines, see dead people, and defibrillate not-quite-dead people along with utterly fibrillating the bajeebus out of living people.

Speaking of which, inFamous is actually two games in one, with a six-level "karma system" that evolves your electrifying superpowers to degrees dependent on your actions. Running around a decimated city now populated by gangs, forlorn bystanders and assorted riff raff ready to be juiced to high heaven is one thing, but inFamous also plays heavily to your heroic or villainous tendencies by "upgrading" you with yet more benevolent or vile powers, but not both.

Thus, along with a search for the source of the city's explosive rebirth and your perplexingly particular superpowers, you're tasked with multiple-missions to save this or destroy that, rain hellfire here, protect those guys there. And since things get tougher along the way, you simply must upgrade yourself one way or another, which pretty much guarantees you'll play the whole thing twice - gladly - once as hero, the second as self-serving narcissist.

    inFamous TIP: Use your lightning bolt (which does not deplete your energy stores) to charge a random item that you'd normally drain for a recharge (eg. Street light, a battery, etc.), then recharge off that. Note: Doesn't always work, sometimes the item will explode. C'est la vie.

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