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From: Bethesda
For: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Genre: Action, Noir
ESRB Rating: Mature (17+)
Unambiguous sex appeal, grindhouse violence and an unremitting torrent of coarse language are the name of the game in Wet, the new and decidedly "noir" romp from powerhouse Bethesda.
Posted September 28, 2009
Bethesda's Wet is certainly a game with legs, but not in the longevity sense of the word. Instead, it's all about playing as Rubi, a gun toting, sword slashing, skull bashing, wall running, knee skidding, homicidal gymnasts, a long-limbed she-hero with a chronic case of stark raving sex appeal.

It's more interactive exploitation flick than game, really, with gorgeous graphics and ambient grit underscored by swooping cinematography. Hence, you're treated to lots of crazy, crotch-fraught camera angles and sudden shifts and zooms as Rubi pinballs about to let loose with the excessively gratuitous hostility she so readily delivers.

As a dual-wielding Pistoleer, Rubi will automatically lock one gun locked on a target when the opportunity presents itself (which is, like, all the time); it's up to you to aim her second bangbang to affect a faster or more feverish kill, or aim elsewhere to clear a room more efficiently.

Rubi's swordplay sensibilities are similarly intuitive, with a mere whap on a button or three and a thumbstick in a general direction of a sliceable invoking an unerringly lethal slice and dice routine.

Controls can be sloppy, mind you, and prone to loosely misinterpreting your intentions, such as not dying. Some character animation, meanwhile, look downright wonky (look, I'm on a ladder, no I'm not, no, I am!). That said, the game's pacing is generally so frenetic that you'll rarely find time to get annoyed.

When everything's clicking, it seems at least half the game plays out in slow motion, with each maliciously merited encounter gearing down to eye-candy speeds, allowing you to relish Rubi's nonchalant razing and bullet riddling (and earn points, prizes and upgrades while you're at it).

Speaking of slow-mo, Wet is also peppered with stock "quick time" events; sequences where correctly matching a button prompt will unleash a whole series of death-defying acrobatics and related anti-heroic havoc.

Not to glorify gratuitous violence (which is glorious), but it's all a lot of flagrant fun, garishly gory and as gaudy as grindhouse gets. Payback isn't a bitch, it's a Rubi.

However, with only an evening or two of gameplay offered, little reason to revisit the luridness of it all after one solid plow through, and no multiplayer component, Wet does little to warrant its price tag - not in the long-term investment sense, anyway. Rather, Wet is the consummate weekend rental.
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