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New Super Mario Bros. Wii
From: Nintendo
For: Wii
Genre: Action
ESRB Rating: Everyone (6+)
New Super Mario Bros. Wii
Just when you thought Mario couldn't possibly bring anything new to the table and was simply content to relive his glory days with updated graphics, poof! Penguin suit. Mario, you are the MAN.
Posted November 16, 2009
Say what you will about the flood of third-party duds bogging down the Wii's game library; when Nintendo's internal developers step up to the plate to release their own game for their own system, they knock it out of the park every time. Fans cheer, sales soar, and everyone forgets that "Monkey Spank Yoga" ever existed.

Case in point: New Super Mario Bros. Wii, where the trademarked plumbers turned platform hopping mushroom poppers return to their side-scrolling 80's roots but with 00 sensibilities and graphical grandeur, plus several new gameplay features and tools such as a penguin suit and all the slip, slide and ice-bomb tricks that brings in Mario and Co.'s quest to get from one side of the screen to the other.

It's a typically huge game that can be completed from beginning to end in a dozen hours or so if you just blaze. However, it's best played to its fullest in scores of hours by finding all the little secret passageways and invisible/hidden treasures. In other words, as always, getting to the finish is more fun than being at the finish.

Of course, it wouldn't be a contemporary Wii game if it didn't ingratiate itself with the whole family. While there's certainly more than enough neo classic content to satisfy any seasoned Nintendo gamer, New Super Mario Bros. Wii includes an option for up to four players to opt-in or out of the game at any time.

Too, for the novice player (or the gamer apathetic to contrived intricacies), there's a wondrous autopilot-like feature called "Super Guide" that will run characters through trickier segments while the you simply watch, marvel and, hopefully, learn.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii also sports a couple of separate "party" flavored modes, dubbed Coin Battle and Free For All, offering great, goofball fun of the collect and stomp all-play variety.

Really, New Super Mario Bros. Wii is archetypal Nintendo, the reason one buys a Wii in the first place, Monkey Spank Yoga II notwithstanding.
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