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PopCap Games  
Bejeweled Twist
From: PopCap Games
For: Macintosh, Windows PC
Genre: Casual, Puzzle
ESRB Rating: Everyone (6+)
Bejeweled Twist
Just when you thought there was nothing new left to do with the match-three puzzle game convention of Bejeweled and its 10,000 knock offs, PopCap games comes out and does something new.
Posted January 21, 2009
Still an addictively casual match-three puzzle game, Bejeweled Twist, PopCap Games' newest iteration of its long-running, market-leading franchise, has you literally twisting jewels clockwise, four at a time stacked two over two, in hopes of lining up at least three in the periphery (as opposed to just flipping a pair at a time). You can make group twists that don't match anything at all, allowing you to tinker with the stack, setting up other gems for a twist that does.

This new technique offers an entirely original way of looking at the same old, and a fresh strategy set in your quest to line up a trio of identical gems (or four or five of them, ideally). Doing this, of course, vaporizes the lot (or explodes them and gobs of neighboring jewels if you managed to create bombs and zappers by matching a quad or quintuple in one go) and allows the entire stack to shift, plop down and fill the void and presents new opportunities.

Simple, as always, but also consternating as all get out, as always, defying even the most die-hard gamer to stop once they start.

Play modes include classic variants on the ticking-time bomb anxiety attack, but "Zen" mode stands out as an entirely pleasant, no pressure, where-did-the-day-go, hypnotic game of plinking, clinking and kabooming eye candy to the catchy strains of generic day spa music, where you just play for the sake of playing, maybe in hopes of getting that smooth talking baritone to go "good... excellent... awesome..."
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