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Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir
From: Nintendo
For: Nintendo DS
Genre: Casual, Puzzle
ESRB Rating: Everyone (6+)
Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir
Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir will likely remind you of games you played as a kid. It's 'Where's Waldo' for the 21st Century.
Posted February 01, 2009
Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir's principal play involves lots of hidden object puzzles; brainteasers that sees players scouring complex images to find random items. Upon being presented an image of a study, for example, you'll have to find a candlestick, a chess piece, a hat, and other random artifacts scattered about the room. Some are where you'd imagine -- a folder on a desk, say -- while others are camouflaged within the landscape, such as a long fire poker resting almost indistinguishably against a ribbed pillar.

If this sort of thing sounds familiar, it's probably because you played similar sorts of games as kid. The most obvious example is Where's Waldo?, a decades-old children's book series that has its readers searching complex illustrations filled with hundreds of people for a man named Waldo, who is always well hidden within the environment. In fact, if you happen to have a three-year-old on hand, one well-versed in the wonder of Waldo, he or she will probably be of some help here in MillionHeir.

Hidden object games aren't the only activities in MillionHeir that feel like children's entertainment. You'll run across several slide puzzles that'll remind you of those days when endlessly shifting plastic tiles around small boards in an effort to construct a picture was the only "handheld game" in town.

You'll also encounter simple jigsaw puzzles that have you rotating pieces and checking for matching edges.

You could make the argument that MillionHeir is, in fact, a children's game. It's rated E for Everyone, and there is certainly little in its simple mystery narrative that might be considered offensive content...

Yet it's not a kid's game. Instead, it's part of the popular Mystery Case Files series of casual games from developer Big Fish Games available for PCs that is loved by millions of "non-traditional adult players" around the world. Slap a "Touch Generation" logo on the box and voila, it's a DS game for middle-aged women.

Sure, children will likely enjoy it, but you can tell by the corny whodunit story, which is populated solely by adult characters sporting punny names -- an aspiring actress is called Emmy Daynow, a chubby millionaire goes by Phil T. Rich -- that this is a game intended not for kids, but rather their mothers and grandmothers.

And maybe someone like you, or adult gamers in general looking to reconnect with their inner kid.
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