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NBA 10: The Inside
From: Sony
For: PlayStation Portable
Genre: Sports
ESRB Rating: Everyone (6+)
NBA 10: The Inside
NBA 10: The Inside on the PlayStation Portable is both a fast 'n' loose basketball game and a mini game bevy, the latter of which is its foremost strength.
Posted November 05, 2009
As a basketball simulator for PlayStation Portable (PSP), NBA 10: The Inside doesn't bother going for accuracy when it comes to player likenesses, their proprietary tattoos and patent-pending hairdos and court moves. Indeed, the players all look and move pretty much the same, varying in height only.

Instead, the game's all about high-energy hoops with smooth visuals and breakneck action - as in non-stop fastbreaks and more running than mere mortals could manage.

Still, if you prefer the run-and-gun approach, you'll feel right at home. Conversely, if you're more of a strategist or couch coach, then the basic mandate to just pass the ball to the open guy is going to feel pretty shallow.

Purists will also find it odd that team rosters are limited to whatever was available in August 2009, so late preseason trades are not reflected in NBA 10: The Inside despite the "10" bit. That there's no way to download updated rosters is a bit of a head scratcher, especially considering the digitally downloadable 5 o'clock shadows at 5:01pm in most other modern sports games, though you can trade players manually to recreate today's line ups. Still, lame.

But even rigged as a fast and loose, arcade-style sports game, NBA 10: The Inside isn't particularly easy. Controls are sensible enough but mastering a consistently decent shot can take some time.

After that, it's still not particularly easy.

As it happens, opposing teams hardly miss a shot, and if perchance they do fall behind you can expect them to catch up with a barrage of improbable 3-pointers. And they'll intercept passes more often, like every third one, and you're all like "gimme a break."

Then again, the mini-game component is so strong that you could consider it the primary reason for picking up NBA 10: The Inside in the first place: shooting games, HORSE, Skee-Ball, bowling and pinball style games aplenty. Fun stuff to do after losing to the Los Angeles Clippers three times in a row (and you're all like "pfft") in the "main" game.
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