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Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice
From: Sony
For: PlayStation Portable
Genre: Action, Driving
ESRB Rating: Teen (13+)
Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice
Extreme Justice plays like an action movie with super hero cops spouting really lame dialog all the way through a truly pathetic story arc which nonetheless doesn't quite totally detract from the fact that the action is truly a lot of fun.
Posted February 05, 2008
Not so much a race game as a chase game, Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice makes for a great portable title in that it's broken into short pursuit & shoot sequences, the sort of thing you might see in a low budget movie with big budget action scenes -- lots of 'em.

That is to say, while the story and dialog would be utterly forgettable if it weren't all so consistently annoying and stupid, the meat of gameplay is straight up fun: harrowing races down wide-open highways, up smooth snaking rivers, and through the odd shopping mall or two, that sort of thing. And it's one handed driving as often as not (or one thumb driving, as it were) as you also shoot at the baddies which you're pursuing (if they're in range of a good shooting).

Better still, get close enough and you can (must) actually jump out of your vehicle -- at 100mph and everything -- and onto theirs, finish shooting them and then commandeer their vehicle to carry on pursing others. Alternately, your vehicle might take too much damage, but you can do the 100mph commandeering thing with any old vehicle that happens to be motoring along in the vicinity, except you don't shoot the owner, you have them drive at suddenly break-neck speed while you carry on with the shooting of baddies.

And that's about it. Not a long-term, sit-down-and-immerse-yourself epic, but tasty, visually exciting, over-the-top driving action served up in snack-sized segments; exactly what you want in a portable game.
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