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Spore Creatures
From: EA
For: Nintendo DS
Genre: Adventure, Management, Simulation
ESRB Rating: Everyone (6+)
Spore Creatures
Focusing on and sensibly enhancing a single stage of Spore on PC, Spore Creatures for Nintendo DS is easily the better Spore game.
Posted October 01, 2008
Not only does Spore Creatures for Nintendo DS concentrate on the more redeemingly playable second level of Spore on PC, the land-lubbing creature creating bit, it does so in a much more engaging and more "all ages" sort of way.

Spore Creatures doesn't even try to look all high gloss and 3-dimensional, opting instead for a frankly whimsical air reminiscent of colored construction paper, non-toxic glue sticks and blunted scissors a grade schooler is forced to use.

Thus, the fun lies not in the eye-candy but in the brain-candy where you'll create (and constantly edit) and then take your little mutant fledgling around an austere, cardboardy world, rifling through the shrubbery and leaving no rock unturned in a quest for body parts to make it more attractive, functional or ferocious.

Like its PC counterpart, gameplay is heavily reliant on menus full of sliders and icons to tinker with your creature's attributes and assets, a natural for the touch-screen of the DS.

Though comparatively limited in size, scope and technical oomph, Spore Creatures at lease has the decency to engage you from the outset and remain fun throughout.
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