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Gemini DJ Releases iTRAX Mixing Console for iPod
At just $229.95 USD, iTRAX is an entry-level mixing console for the amateur, home, or club DJ.
Posted August 02, 2006
Gemini DJ, a division of GCI Technologies, just released its iTrax Mixing Console for the iPod, the newest addition to Gemini's premier iSeries product line. With video-enabled iPod compatibility, a USB port, and input selection switches for added versatility, the iTrax Mixing Console for iPod offers an entry-level solution for anyone who wants to mix up the party using the world's favorite MP3 player.

With two angled docking stations allowing for easy user access to iPod controls when browsing through music libraries, each iPod channel features 3-band EQ controls with Gain and Phono/Line input switches for the incorporation of other audio devices such as turntables, CD players, and more.

Too, the iTrax is equipped with a composite video output on the console's back panel for use with the latest Photo/Video-enabled iPod products, 2 phono/line inputs, and a USB port to allow the iTrax to function as a dock when connected to a computer, allowing the user to edit the music library of either iPod.

"The iTrax was created to serve a new breed of DJ who needs easy access to a vast library of music and video stored on an Apple iPod." explains Louis Dorio, Gemini Product Development. "This DJ isn't looking for a box full of gadgets and gimmicks but instead a simple, fashionable, and cost-effective platform to do what they love."

The iTrax also features master volume control, dual VU meter display, a user-replaceable X-Fader, a fully featured cue section, and a microphone control panel with 2-band EQ and volume control. The iTrax has an MSRP of $229.95 in the US. Canadians will have to import the unit as it's not actually sold in Canada.
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Gemini DJ Releases iTRAX Mixing Console for iPod

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