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Boston Acoustics to introduce line of 'Play Smart' products
Boston Acoustics is introducing a new line of "personally engaging" home entertainment products, dubbed "Play Smart," which include color-coordinated faceplates for a bunch of new speaker systems.
Posted August 14, 2007
Boston Acoustics, Inc., international purveyor of high-performance loudspeakers and home entertainment products, is introducing a wide new range of products set to express a bold new "Play Smart" attitude. The company's new products look to meld elegant styling with the high quality audio reproduction technologies, giving consumers fresh solutions for expressing their personal style and tastes.

The lineup includes the new Boston "Horizon Series" loudspeakers in 10 different shapes and sizes, scheduled to ship in October 2007, as well as two new compact, Horizon Series 5.1-Channel speaker systems, the MCS130 (SRP: US$799.99) and MCS100 (SRP: US$499.99), set to ship this September.

Also in September, Boston Acoustics is introducing the "TVee Model Two," touted as a "Television Entertainment Enhancement System" (SRP: US$399.99) or, more simply, a TV accessory designed to enhance the enjoyment of TV watching. The TVee Model Two consists of a slim, singularly powered "soundbar" that can be wall mounted or stand free underneath or on top of a flat-panel TV, connected to a television's line-out. A matching wireless woofer, meanwhile, can be placed virtually anywhere, covertly, easily and wirelessly (except jacked into standard household AC for power, but no snaking speaker wire required) to provide added bass response.

Meanwhile, available sometime around "now" (or "August," anyway) in seven colors is Boston Acoustics' new space-saving "SoundWare" loudspeaker (US$99.99 each), an all-purpose 2way indoor/outdoor speaker with flexible mounting options (flush in a corner, flat on a wall, flat on a table or angled up 30 or 45 degrees on a flat surface) thanks to its unique shape and one-of-a-kind internal mounting bracket.

"The Boston Acoustics brand has a longstanding reputation for excellence in build quality, performance and innovation," noted Boston Acoustics Sr. Vice-President & General Manager Eli Harary. "In creating our new lineup, our engineering team took a fresh approach to product design. Rather than simply looking for 'product solutions,' our approach was to look at 'real people solutions.' This is manifested in products that provide new opportunities for personalization and customization, while maintaining our 'best in class' performance values. The new Boston Acoustics is equal parts performance, expression and experience – with an added touch of playfulness and fun."
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Boston Acoustics to introduce line of 'Play Smart' products

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