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Rock Band Music Store Now Available for Wii
Better late than never, Wii Rock Band players now have access to 50 downloadable tracks. Additional tracks to be released weekly until the entire back catalog of the some 500 songs already available on PlayStation3 and Xbox 360 is likewise Wii-ready.
Posted January 14, 2009
Harmonix and MTV Games just announced the online Rock Band Music Store is now live for the Nintendo Wii.

Immediately, there are 50 Rock Band Wii tracks available for download in the Rock Band Music Store, including the 20 free Rock Band 2 DLC (downloadable content) tracks and 30 additional songs for purchase -- the same content that's long been available for the PlayStation3 and Xbox 360 versions of Rock Band.

Each purchasable track will be available for 200 Nintendo Points, or US$2.00, and must be purchased through the Wii Shop Channel (as opposed to in-game). The tracks can be stored in the Wii's internal memory or on an added SD memory card (sold separately) from where the tracks will stream into the game in real time.
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