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LucasArts to Unleash The Force, again
A special edition of last year's Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is coming this holiday season, complete with three new chapters.
Posted July 27, 2009
Though a tepid critical success, last year's Star Wars: The Force Unleashed offered a refreshing if angry take on George Lucas' much bemilked property.

As an Xbox 360 and PlayStation3 game, The Force Unleashed offered players the chance to play the role of a new and legitimately cool character wreaking havoc and unraveling plot points at every turn with formerly-impossible control of the mighty Force.

Defying tepid critics, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed became LucasArts' fastest selling Star Wars game ever, selling more than six million copies to date.

Expected just in time for the holiday shopping frenzy, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed The Ultimate Sith Edition for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 will include the original game plus a trio of additional chapters. Two of these chapters are already available as $10 download supplements, expanding the original game to include "alternate reality" levels on Coruscant and Tatooine after players usurp Darth Vader as the Emperor's right hand man.

A third, heretofore unseen chapter will debut in the Sith Edition exclusively, and will feature a trip to the ice planet Hoth for a showdown with Luke Skywalker (pictured).

Pricing for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed The Ultimate Sith Edition has not been revealed.
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LucasArts to Unleash The Force, again

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