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Streaming video popularity doubles
A new report reveals that people are watching TV shows and movies online much more than they used to.
Posted August 17, 2009
There are plenty of ways to watch television shows and movies free online, and it looks like many people are starting to realize it.

A new report from Ipsos MediaCT ( reveals that 26% of Americans have streamed a television show online in the past month, and 14% have done so with a movie - more than two times the levels measured in September 2008.

Furthermore, viewership numbers increase dramatically when looking at the "young adult" market of 18-24 year olds. 30 per cent have watched a full-length movie online and 51 per cent have watched a full-length TV show.

However, cable companies need not panic just yet; the report also shows that online video is still a long ways off from replacing traditional television, mainly known for long-format programming.

The average internet-connected American still watches 15 hours of regular TV a week, compared to two hours of internet video. The report also revealed that 65% of those surveyed preferred to watch hour-long dramas on TV as opposed to their computer.

Still, the report suggests that the recent, rapid rise in longer-form video streaming can be attributed to the swift growth of many digital video websites since last year, and single out Hulu in particular. The research shows that has experienced heightened exposure and visitation, and Ipsos considers the site a pioneer in the transition to the free/ad-supported model of streaming TV shows and movies.

"The digital video revolution is no longer centered on short clips via YouTube," said senior research manager, Brian Pickens - a poor choice of words considering the 15 hour vs. two hour discrepancy the research managed to illustrate suggests otherwise, and despite the fact that YouTube remains the most visited streaming video site in the world. Good sound bite though.

Still, as an emerging form of media consumption, Pickens noted that with the availability of free, instantly accessible full-length video, steaming media is becoming an important distribution channel, and that content providers should focus on monetizing their content through alternative, fee-based methods.
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