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Sony Ericsson launches Motion Activated Headphones
From the it's-about-time files, Sony Ericsson has developed a headset that knows the difference between a song and a phone call just by going through the motions.
Posted September 22, 2009
Keeping pace with prevalence of Smartphones and other multifunction mobiles, Sony Ericsson recently unveiled the next evolutionary step for the common headset with the MH907, the world’s first motion activated headphones.

Basically, if you're listening to music on your personal device of (limited) choice and a call comes in, the duly dubbed Motion Activated Headphones MH907 takes the fumbling of buttons and faders out of the equation when answering said call.

Employing Sony Ericsson's SensMe Control technology, simply popping one bud out of your ear turns the MH907 into a regular one bud, one mic phone cord - the motion is the switch. When you're done with the call, stuffing the out-popped bud back into your ear ends the call and the unit goes back to being a stereo headset.

Currently, the MH907s are only compatible with Sony Ericsson mobiles (or most of them, anyway), jacking in via the brand's proprietary Fast Port, not a standard 3.5mm audio/mic jack.

Pricing and availability of the MH907 were not revealed.
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Sony Ericsson launches Motion Activated Headphones

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