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Ye Olde Commodore computer set to Twitter
New software written for a 1980's Commodore VIC-20 allows the vintage PC to Twitter despite negligible processing power, RAM.
Posted February 16, 2010
To celebrate its fifth year in business, the Personal Computer Museum has created a new program that allows Ye Olde Commodore VIC-20 to access the 21st Century social internet phenomenon known as Twitter.

In its day, the VIC-20 was considered a breakthrough PC for its whopping 5 KB of RAM, a speedy 1 MHz processor and no hard disc drive - no disc drive of any kind, in fact - all in the tantalizing sub-$300 price range.

The average PC today runs at about 3 GHz (3000 MHz) and contains at least 2 GB (2,097,152 KB) of RAM. That means the average computer today has roughly 400,000 times the memory and 3000 times the speed of the average personal computer from the 80's.

In what's described as a "challenge," Syd Bolton (pictured), Curator of the Personal Computer Museum, created special Twitter software that runs off a cassette tape on an unexpanded VIC-20.

In fact, the museum created a software platform, dubbed "TweetVER" (Tweeting from a Vintage ComputER), that enables many vintage computers to "Tweet."

The first official Tweet will happen on Saturday February 20th at 11am EST, live on location at the Personal Computer Museum in Brantford, Ontario. CKPC FM 92.1 personality Ed McMahon (Mayor of the Morning) will have the honors at the keyboard. Afterward, museum visitors will be allowed to Tweet as well.

The non-profit museum houses a large vintage computer collection, a software and classic video game library, plus a comprehensive magazine, memorabilia and book collection along with other computer related "artifacts."

The museum is looking to expand its vintage PC collection as described on the "most wanted" page at The Personal Computer Museum also has a recycling program for used computers.
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