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Rubber baby iPhone bumpers, iPhone 4 still rolling out
Apple CEO Steve Jobs recently discussed iPhone 4 antenna reception issues, and mentioned that despite its problems, the tarnished call-dropper will be coming to 17 more countries, including Australia, Canada and a good chunk of western Europe.
Posted July 19, 2010
Recently, before answering questions from media on an embarrassing antenna glitch on the iPhone 4, Jobs ran through several demos of competing phones exhibiting the same signal loss that the iPhone 4 has been reported to have on a "limited basis."

Jobs also said that since Apple's $30 Bumper case seemed to remedy the issue, the company would be giving free bumpers to everyone who is buying an iPhone 4. He also stated that customers who had already bought the $30 rubber case would be given a refund; UK Customers have confirmed as much.

Jobs then took the opportunity to explain to media how they stringently test the iPhone in a number of conditions.

"We're an engineering company," explained Jobs during a Q&A session after the event. "We think like engineers. We love it, we think it's the right way to solve real problems. I don't think that's going to change, and the way we love our customers isn't going to change."

Reportedly, iPhone 4 has sold three million units since its June release. Apple considers the smartphone to be its most successful product "ever."

Jobs stressed that since the reports of problems with the iPhone 4 came out, Apple has "been working our butts off," to rectify the situation. The issue revolves around the iPhone 4's antenna, which surrounds the exterior of the device and that can lose signal when it comes in contact with human skin and moisture.

Nevertheless, Apple also confirmed that the iPhone 4 would be released in 17 more countries, including Canada on July 30th., as well as Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland. This latest roll out of the iPhone 4 will come bundled with free bumpers.
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