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Netflix streaming service comes to Canada this fall
Canadians will be able to access subscription-based movie streaming service Netflix this fall. This is a big deal.
Posted July 21, 2010
Although no announcements of exact subscription price and availability has been released, US-based Netflix will offer its streaming movie rental service to Canadians this Fall. Reportedly, access to the service is going to be available through some of the newest Internet-enabled HDTV sets and Blu-ray players as well as current generation videogame consoles, PCs and iPads.

13 million US customers pay Netflix $8.99 a month for unlimited video on demand. Due to various trade barriers and broadcasting regulations, the service has never been enjoyed in Canada.

Unlike in the US subscription model, which offers by-mail movie rentals bundled with streaming direct with each subscription, Canada will only be offered the streaming option.

In Canada, offers movie rentals by mail.

In the current model, Netflix videos are streamed to users using via their PC hardware, and requires Microsoft's Silverlight software to be installed. Viewing is initiated by pressing a "Play Instantly" button, and played back on the PC monitor. Films can be paused or restarted at will.

No word on what movies, quality or quantity will be available, but the US-based streaming service does offer a limited but decent array of Hollywood blockbusters and niche entertainment pleasantries.
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