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iPhone users average more sexual partners than Android
Check out the babe with the iPhone, a sexually promiscuous deviant if there ever was one. Or so an OkCupid study would suggest.
Posted August 12, 2010
For many, selecting a smartphone is as much about style as it is about technology. Like any public display of accessory, your phone says something about you.

Blackberry users are usually seen as being business-minded people, for example, while Android users are often seen as non-conformists.

And iPhone users are sexually promiscuous deviants - or so claims a recent report from the dating site

The report is based on statistical data the site collected on nearly 10,000 30-year-old smartphone owners. According to their findings, iPhone owners have had nearly twice as many sexual partners as their Android counterparts. Female iPhone owners had 12.3 partners on average, while female Android owners had only 6.1. The numbers for men were similar with an average of 10 partners for iPhone owners versus only 6 for Android.

Not to be outdone, Blackberry owners saw their own fair share of multi-lovin' at an average 8.1 partners for men and 8.8 for women.

The survey also gathered data from participants aged 18-40 and showed that while the number of partners generally increased with the sampled age group, iPhone owners always led the pack, with Blackberry in the number two spot and Android taking up the rear.
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