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iPod Most Prized Possession, wedding ring totally not
Sad or a sign of the times, a recent survey suggests that only 1 percent of people regard the wedding ring as 'Most Valued Asset.' Then again, by 'people' we mean 'Facebookers.'
Posted September 13, 2010
After new versions of the iPod were recently launched, the portable media playing devices have been voted "most prized possession" amongst Facebook users, coming out just on top ahead of the Blackberry and closely followed by iPhones and laptops.

Meanwhile, only 1 percent of respondents regarded their wedding ring as their most prized possession, whilst cars were the favorites of only 4 percent of people on the social network. Dogs got 9 percent of the vote and cats received 5 percent.

The survey was carried out in August on behalf of insurance firm Protect Your Bubble ( with 12 percent of the 500 respondents voting for their iPods as their most prized possession, just outdoing the Blackberry, which received 11.5 percent of the votes.

The first iPod launched in 2001 and the devices are still hugely popular despite the massive surge in purchases of smartphones in the last 12 months, with new versions of the iPod nano and iPod touch recently hitting the shelves alongside the iPod shuffle and the iPod classic.
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