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The Largest Launch in Chevy Canada's History
Three new Chevrolet vehicles, one already mired in controversy, took center stage at Toronto's Yonge Dundas Square on Tuesday.
Posted October 05, 2011
This week, Chevrolet Canada made its largest vehicle launch in the 100 years it has been in business.

Three new vehicles made their Canadian premiere at a star-studded event in Toronto's Yonge Dundas Square. Fitz and the Tantrums gave free concerts, and attendees enjoyed live graffiti art, various presentations, and other festivities.

At the same event last year, Chevy premiered the Cruze, which Forbes named as one of the most successful cars of 2011. This year, the Sonic, Orlando, and Volt joined Chevrolet's 2012 lineup.

The Chevy Sonic is being marketed as a fun, fast, turbocharged sub-compact vehicle. The Sonic is the only sub-compact vehicle that is manufactured in America.

The Orlando, a crossover vehicle that seats up to 7, is touted as a large family car with ample storage space.

The Chevy Volt, which has been available in the U.S. since 2010, is the first electric car that provides drivers with two sources of energy: electricity and gas. The battery allows for 80 kilometers of travel n its own while an onboard gas generator charges the battery so the Volt can be driven an additional 500 kilometres.

GM has been extremely protective of the Volt's distinctive class - it's not purely an EV, but it's not technically a hybrid either. The Volt has a motor generator that's tied a planetary gearset, the main motor drive, and the wheels. Last year, GM came under fire for "misleading" potential customers about the Volt's efficiency. Currently, the Volt is lagging in sales, falling well behind its closest competitor, the Nissan LEAF.

The class distinction that was supposed to be its main selling point actually makes the Volt a difficult car to market, and there have been reports of confusion regarding how exactly the Volt works.

The Volt is priced is C$41,000 while rebates up to $8,500 are available on a province by province basis.
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The Largest Launch in Chevy Canada's History

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