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Budding YouTube sensation lends voice to BaldBarbie movement
Budding pop star agrees to lend her song to the Beautiful and Bald Barbie movement, support soars.
Posted January 13, 2012
With all the hallmarks of an internet sensation leading to a recording contract, 11-year-old singer/songwriter, Miranda Finn, has agreed to lend her voice and first YouTube video to a worthy cause.

After penning "Maybe I Can Change this World" with co-writer Avishay "Dumb Bunny" Goren and mom, Robin, Finn quietly posted the recording as a music video on YouTube.

A few days later, Finn was contacted by Jane Bingham from the "Beautiful and Bald Barbie" movement, a grassroots campaign urging Mattel to create a bald doll in recognition of women and girls who have lost their hair from cancer treatment.

The effort had netted more than 40,000 Facebook fans at but that number is now soaring. To press time, the page boasts nearly 100,000 fans.

Bingham is currently battling lymphoma and suffering hair loss from chemotherapy. She saw an ideal "theme song" in Finn's energizing pop music video. "We want to change this world and make a difference in the lives of woman and girls suffering from cancer and other diseases that cause hair loss," said Bingham.

Based in L.A. and currently working on her first EP, Finn was reportedly delighted to be a part of the cause. "I was so sad to hear about kids fighting cancer and going through so much, including losing their hair," she said. "It makes me happy to think my song can make them smile."

Finn's video can be seen at

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