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MacRumors scoops iPad 3 screen, sees double.
Apple enthusiast site got its hands on an OEM replacement screen for the iPad 3, dishes the skinny.
Posted February 21, 2012
Everyone (who cares) is expecting the iPad 3 to be officially unveiled on March 7, 2012. This means the weeks leading up said "big day" have been rife with rumors and alleged prototype peeks at Apples next generation tablet. It happens, like day following night.

However, Mac-enthusiast site recently got its hands on a display screen clearly labeled as an OEM "replacement part for the iPad 3."

Based on limited tests (lacking power, that is), MacRumors deduced that the iPad 3 screen will be the same physical size as the iPad 2 and the original iPad but boast twice the resolution, namely 2048x1536. The iPad 2 resolution is an impressive 1024x768.
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