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Wii Blaster

Sep. 14, 2007


While the Nintendo Wii isn't exactly awash in applications for it just yet, the Wii Blaster is a gun-controller-style mount for the Wii's remote and nunchuck controllers (for use with shooter-style games). Sometimes it just feels right to have a traditional 'weapon' in your hands for dispatching zombies, unfriendly robots and the like (even if it is, in the end, a hollow sub-$20 piece of plastic).

The Wii Blaster eschews the Thompson submachine gun configuration of Nintendo's own Zapper for a shotgun-style setup: The Wii remote rests face-up in the forward straight barrel (with good access to the the "Wii-mote" trigger, as well as its face buttons and analog stick), while the "Nunchuck" controller rests in the rear grip. As the Blaster is simply a hollow-shell mount (with a shotgun-style "break"), the installation of both Wii controllers is simple -- there's still some less-than-totally-clean protrusion of the cord connecting the two controllers, but it's not egregious.

Ergonomically, the Wii Blaster hits and misses simultaneously: The rear plastic grip mount for the Nunchuck has a bit of an edge and can be a little rough on the hands with extended play, but the forward cut-away for the Wii-mote's trigger control is more smoothly formed and is quite comfortable.

Where the Blaster does top Nintendo's own Zapper weapon-mount is in the area of Wiimote access. The front grip is cut open to allow access to the D-pad. Further, the Nunchuck can be easily removed from the rear grip to facilitate certain functions in different games, such as pushing doors and using special weapons.

The potential applications might be limited at the moment, but the Blaster is more compatible with slightly older first-person-shooter titles (not that anything is terribly "old" on the still-virgin-white Wii, just yet); and while you might not exactly jump for joy that you can use the Wii Blaster to play, say, Red Steel, it's good to know that there's an improved weapon-grip controller solution available for the current and coming crop of first-person games.

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Wii Blaster

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